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Terms of Use

Dating & Social Network Terms Revised on 24/02/2019

iSeek Love

These Terms of Use are entered into between ISeek.Love (“iSeekLove”) and any individual who is a Member or Subscriber (“you” or “your”).

ISeekLove is a trading name of Rocket Domains, Ltd. iSeekLove endeavours to simplify dating for individuals for personal, entertainment and non-commercial purposes through our website online or via mobile applications as well as in-person events (“Services”).

For our Services, some of the features are available to you free of charge while other features are premium and required payment. Therefore, the premium features are only for the use by and accessible to our paid Subscribers.

Registration for and use of our Services implies the acceptance of these Terms of Use by you in full. So, by registering for an Account, you acknowledge that you are fully informed of and bound by all the provisions of the Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy and other terms found on our website.

A. Definitions

The words or terms used in these Terms of Use and commencing with a capital letter shall have the following meaning:

“Account” refers to the personal interface permitting them to be seen and identified on our Website, interact with others, benefit from the Services, update and amend their Profile and, if applicable, renew, change, upgrade, downgrade or cancel their Subscription.

 “Event” or “Activity” refer to any free or paid event allowing you and, if applicable, your Guests to meet with other Members, Subscribers and or their guests, in person, offered in accordance with these and other applicable terms and conditions.

“Member” refers to a user who has access to the Services after validly registering for free on the Website.

“Paid Services” refers to all paid Services available to Subscribers.

 “Profile” refers to a page created by you as a Member or Subscriber, which is made up of your self-introduction, including your bio-data, appearance, location, preferences, orientation, beliefs, education, characteristics, posts, photos and videos, and which is accessible by other Members and Subscribers or general public on the Internet.

“Services” refers to all services, whether paid or free of charge, available to Members or Subscribers, or to general public provided on the Website by iSeekLove.

 “Subscriber” refers to a user of one or more Services who has purchased a Subscription to one or more Services.

 “Subscription” refers to a fixed price giving access to Services, including paid Services, for a limited period specified in the relevant Subscription purchased by a Subscriber.

 “Terms of Use” refers to this contract.

“Third-party Websites” refers to any third-party Internet websites or mobile application.

“Upgrade” refers to any Paid Service purchased by a Subscriber as an additional feature to his/her Subscription.

 “Visitor” refers to a user who visits the Website without registering or without connecting to his/her Account.

“Websites” refers to iSeekLove dating website as well as the mobile applications published by us and through which the Services are provided.

B. Use of Service

B.1. Procedure and terms of access, registration and use

Although the basic registration for the Services is free of cost, the Visitor, Member or Subscriber shall exclusively bear the expense for the means to access the Services as well as for the use of such means.

Use of our Website or Services is subject to the Acceptance of these Terms which means a Visitor to the Website is bound by these Terms. The acceptance of these Terms of Use when registering for our Services constitutes the formal execution of the membership and or subscription contract for the Services. This results in  Member creation, discovering the Services and access to free features of the Services outlined in paragraph D.1 below.

To register and consequently become a Member, every Visitor interested in the Services must be at least 18 years old, meet the conditions for registration or access to the relevant Services, have the necessary legal capacity to enter into a contract, read and be in agreement with these Terms of Use, the Cookie Policy and the Privacy Policy and complete the required fields on the registration and profile pages.

A Member cannot create more than one Account, and if requested, will verify his identity and other personal particulars by providing the information we ask for.

The Member may then complete his/her Profile by giving information on his/her appearance, location, education, age, hobbies, profession and all other personal information he/she wishes to share with the other Members through the Services. The publication of the personal contact details (email address, social media links, website links, postal address, phone number etc.) is expressly prohibited by ISeekLove (see paragraph E.1 below).

When you have gone through the required steps, you will create strictly private and confidential person credentials (login/password) to access your Account.

From then on, you’ll remain fully responsible for the use of your credentials and account profile. You will also remain fully responsible for the use of your profile and information and pictures on it by third parties whosoever they may be.  You also remain fully responsible for communication, publications, posts, and conduct on the Website or Application and must make sure that your communication, publications, and conduct does not violate any applicable laws, rules or regulations. You also remain responsible for the conduct of others whom you interact with or who interact with you, including instances of misrepresentation and fraud, using the Services. You agree to indemnify ISeekLove as well as our sister companies, partners, service providers, contractors, owners, directors, shareholders, and affiliates, and hold all of us harmless from for any and all claims arising in connection of the above and or related to non compliance with these terms and privacy policy, except in the event of fault exclusively attributable to us or technical failure of the Services.

Furthermore, we are not obligated nor do we have the technical and legal resources to verify the identity of the persons accessing or registeringa for the Services. If you as a Visitor, Subscriber, User or Member, have a reason to believe that another person is impersonating you or someone else using his/her identification elements or his/her Account, you must inform us immediately so can do the needful. If you believe that someone’s life or safety is at stake, you must inform the law enforcement authorities immediately.

B.2. Subscriptions

Subscription to the Services, including when you upgrade from the basic free package, is paid for. Any User, Visitor or Member may purchase a Subscription and, so, become a Subscriber to benefit from the premium features of the Paid Services outlined on the sign up or upgrade page and in Paragraph D.2.

3. Cancellation

In accordance with article 29 of the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, you are hereby informed that you have fourteen days from the purchase of a Subscription to exercise the right to cancel, without any liability or reason, by sending an email to us from our Contact us page on our Website and using the cancellation option from your accounts dashboard.

Unlike other social and dating networks, we will refund the full balance to you and not charge any prorata or admin charges so long as you cancel within the 14 days period.

We will process the refund within 14 days from the date you inform us of the cancellation via email and your account dashboard cancellation option. The refund will be made to the same payment method with which you made the payment.